"Bell Tower Flags - Acatepec, Mexico" by Carolyn Brown in "Painting God's House" exhibit

“Bell Tower Flags – Acatepec, Mexico” by Carolyn Brown in “Painting God’s House” exhibit

The Bath House Cultural Center is currently housing three photography exhibits.

“Painting God’s House: The Folk Baroque Churches of Mexico” displays the works of photographer Carolyn Brown, who spent more than 10 years traveling through Mexico for a previous exhibit. Brown focuses on the “multi-hued, tiled and painted church fronts” in central Mexico. The exhibit runs through Jan. 26.

"Old Dallas High School" by Alan Whiteside in "Vanishing Dallas" exhibit

“Old Dallas High School” by Alan Whiteside in “Vanishing Dallas” exhibit

“Vanishing Dallas: Architectural Preservation by Five Photographers” began in 2011 as five photographers documented some of the city’s most beautiful and endangered buildings. This exhibit also runs through Jan. 26.

“Lass Blumen Sprechen,” or “let flowers speak,” features the nature photographs of Hans J. Schnitzler and continues running through Jan. 26. Some of the photographs were taken at the Arboretum, where Schnitzler worked as a research photographer.

"Tulip (Jumbo Pink)" by Hans J. Schnitzler for "Lass Blumen Sprechen" exhibit

“Tulip (Jumbo Pink)” by Hans J. Schnitzler for “Lass Blumen Sprechen” exhibit

Submit your favorite heart art by Saturday, Jan. 5 for the annual “El Corazon” exhibit, which runs Feb. 2-March 2.

Entry into the Bath House, located at 521 E. Lawther, is free. Visit the website for hours.