Chances are good you saw a movie over Christmas or are planning to, and – according to the latest numbers posted by AMC’s NorthPark 15 – chances are also good that you opted for an adult beverage with your popcorn and candy. AMC opened their Mini MacGuffin bar in September 2011 and it recently reached the million-dollar milestone in revenue. AMC folks on a national level are impressed.

In fact, after it first launched 15 months ago, sales were so brisk that AMC quickly remodeled and enlarged the Mini-Mac, as they call it (if you haven’t been lately or haven’t noticed, the bar is at the top of the escalators as you walk toward the concession stand). They doubled the number of cash registers, made room for 4 bartenders instead of 3, and made way for bigger kegs to allow for fewer time-wasting replacements. Margarita and daiquiri machines are on the way.

Theatre-goers, particularly in the Dallas area, are finding an ever-expanding array of options when taking in a flick. Alamo Draft House, which offers table service for food and drinks, is currently under construction at Belt Line and Central Expressway. Magnolia Theater, located in West Village, remodeled in October and expanded their menu, now offering steak and cilantro empanadas, sweet potato tater tots, and goodies from Rockstar Bakeshop. They also created VIP service for certain screens in October, meaning you pre-select your seat when you buy your ticket and you order your food and beer from a waiter/usher. (No more splitting from your date while one holds seats and the other balances popcorn and two drinks.)

Now if we can just agree on what to see.