Larry Hagman with Preston Hollow resident Yvonne Crum.

Coincidentally, before the TV icon Larry Hagman died last week, his name and face popped up on a couple of occasions here at the Advocate.

It started when we were working on our November cover story, “Something Special in the Air” and former flight attendant Yvonne Crum, featured in the Preston Hollow issue, contributed this photo of herself and Mr. Hagman taken during her Braniff days.

I felt a little man-I’m-getting-old jolt when one of our young editors readying to caption the photo asked, who’s that? And I said, You’ve heard of JR Ewing, right? And she looked at me quizzically. Ouch.

After, we spent a little time discussing his greatness.

Then, just a couple of weeks ago, Hagman visited our neighborhood where he attended a Pinkalicious performance at Dallas Children’s Theater. He toured the facility, interacted with the children and donated $25,000.  Wow. A pop-culture phenomenon spanning generations and a generous, young-at-heart soul. RIP, Mr. Hagman.

Larry Hagman and the Pinkalicious cast