A new video on Sports Illustrated’s SI.com features the inspiring story of a new and energetic young coach, lifting up the kids in a forgotten neighborhood in Austin. The video series is called “Underdogs.” The coach is Lake Highlands High School grad Keith Carey.

You can view the 10-minute film here.

Keith’s dad, Leonard, was inducted into the LH Hall of Fame as part of the coaching staff of the state-winning 1981 team, and Keith played in LH when he dad was hired back for a second stint as a Wildcat.

The video tells the story of school long beyond its glory days of football, past the days when every porchlight shined in Reagan victory blue. But Keith is seen motivating them to perform at their best, both inside and outside the classroom.

“I’m so proud of our kids,” he says. “They really don’t quit.”

“Things like football aren’t quite as important as things like being a great husband and a great father,” he tells them, “and things like football aren’t as easy as being a great husband and a great father.”