After ranting a couple weeks back about the Dallas United Crew’s (formerly Highland Park Crew) plan to build a floating boathouse — which he called Carnival Cruise Ship-esque — at White Rock Lake, the Observer’s Jim Schutze this week admits he may have been wrong, though “only in degree”, about the rowing club people.

“I did pretty much paint them as demons from hell,” Schutze writes, “and I may have suggested indirectly that construction of the floating clubhouse they want to install at the top of the lake would bring about the collapse of Western civilization … I probably picked the wrong bad guys.”

The real bad guys, he implies, are at City Hall and are guilty of “shabby stewardship” and a passion for “parking fees and dance-hall rents”, among other things.

In his column, Schutze points out that, based on observations at a recent presentation by Dallas United Crew, the rowers “look a lot like us and actually are us” (meaning people from our own White Rock area also are involved with the team) and affectionately acknowledges that some of the White Rock Lake lovers who stood one after another and delivered dissertations on the rowing club’s opposition of democracy, transparency and crippled children seemed a little like “crazy senile hippie paranoid delusional crackpot wingnuts”.

Give Schutze’s piece a read in full here. It’s both informative and giggle inducing.