Colleges today devote mega-resources to recruitment, not just of athletes, but of students from all over the country. They build recreational facilities, they improve stadiums, they mail slick packets, they inundate social media.

Yesterday, it took ten minutes for Oklahoma University to hook LH’s Brandon Terrell.

Brandon and his mom, Cindy, went for a college visit in Norman yesterday and, after the official tour, they sauntered onto the turf of the football stadium. They were a little surprised that no one stopped them, but the gates were wide open so they kept walking out to the 50-yard-line for a photo.

About that time, young men that Brandon recognized as the football players came out of the Switzer Center in their street clothes.

“They had just finished practice and were headed to lunch,” Brandon told me. “[Potential Heisman candidate and star quarterback] Landry Jones was easy to recognize.”

Never-met-a-stranger Brandon, a rising senior at LHHS, asked to take a photo and wished him good luck in the coming season.

“He was a great guy, super nice,” added Brandon, whose brother Tyler attends OU rival, the University of Texas. “OU is definitely my top school now.”

And Brandon’s view of OU’s football prospects?

“I think they’ll be good, especially now that Landry’s back.”