A homeowner in the Woodbridge neighborhood, north Lake Highlands, yesterday reported an overnight burglary.

The complainant told police that she awoke to missing electronics including a computer, iPad and television and then realized the family car — a silver 2004 Infiniti parked right by the front door — was gone too. She and her husband and their two children were all asleep as the robbery took place.

This is one of several cases in Lake Highlands of a burglar entering a home as the family slept. In at least one, the thieves were so bold as to enter the bedrooms of homeowners as they slept.

The Woodbridge neighborhood, though located near the high-crime Forest Audelia area, is quite secure and has a relatively low incidence of crime (based on close observation of crime reports in the three years I have lived in the neighborhood).

Woodbridge is periodically patrolled by a crime watch group and also is under camera surveillance and every other yard has a barking dog.

Keep in mind, we do not know for sure and police have not confirmed that all of these intrusions are related, but the modus operandi is strikingly similar.  The first we reported was in March, and the police told our reporter that “these types of cases are unusual” … that the burglars think no one is home or they are “just bold”.

It is beginning to look like the latter. Perhaps the Woodbridge camera surveillance will lead to some sort of identification of these exceedingly bold burglars.