Clark Baker is an aspiring young filmmaker living in Los Angeles and dreaming of the day his movies play on the big screen. This Saturday, the 2003 Lake Highlands High grad moves one step closer to making his vision a reality when his new sci-fi/horror short, Vessel, premieres at the Dallas Angelika.

The showing is already sold out, but you can see the 12 minute film above.

It’s the story of a man who notices something strange on a nighttime flight but can’t get anyone to join his sense of high-alert. By the time the rest of the passengers are in danger, well, just be glad the terror only lasts 12 minutes.

By day, Clark produces comedy television – shows like Jon Benjamin Has a Van for Comedy Central and The Eric Andre Show and Check it Out with Dr. Steve Brule for Adult Swim. Directing Vessel had to be done largely at nights and on the weekends, especially since many of the actors have day jobs, as well.

Now that Clark has Vessel “in the can” (what’s the equivalent for today’s digital flicks?), he’ll be producing for the popular sci-fi webseries called The 117. It runs on Youtube’s hit Yomyomf network.

With Clark’s budding talent, the former LH Bell Boy will likely be directing Hollywood blockbusters in no time.