Philmont is part of the Beaubien-Miranda land grant, awarded by the Mexican government in 1841. Before that, it was home to the Apache and Ute native American tribes.

Not all who wander are lost. That is the motto of 12 neighborhood Boy Scouts and their guides who will cover 75 miles and climb 11,000 feet in 11 days during a trek at Philmont Scout Ranch, a 215-square mile youth camp founded in the 1930s. They will carry the full load of camping gear and such on their backs.

“Perhaps your readers wonder why ordinarily sane suburban men are walking around the neighborhood carrying 50-pound backpacks,” assistant Scoutmaster Ken Weitzel asks.

They are in training, that’s why.

The crew, members of Troop 435 Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church, head to New Mexico June 26 and return July 9. They promise to send photos.

Trekkers include Jeff Millican, Mark, Luke and Josh Garwood, and their dad Wes Kenton Wilhelm, Ben Lawrence and his dad Michael (Scoutmaster of Troop 435), Daniel Landers (Crew Leader), John Devine, Braden Weitzel and his dad Ken (crew advisor for this trek).

Godspeed, guys!