Michael Bonahoom, Blake Lueder, Lauri Lueder, Tom Lueder's brother

The Cat Classic golf tournament was a roaring success yesterday, raising thousands of dollars for the Wildcat Club.

“Lake Highlands always comes through for us,” said Chris Barnes, who co-chaired the event. “Four weeks ago today we had nine golfers signed up, but today we’re full – 100 golfers have come out – and everyone’s been very generous.”

The event was dedicated to the memory of Tom Lueder, LHHS parent and Wildcat Club supporter.

“To pause and remember a great friend like Tom Lueder, to play a round of golf on a great course like Canyon Creek, and to know that this fundraiser supports 17 sports at LHHS and both junior highs all adds up to a great day,” said Sylvia Bodell, president of the Wildcat Club with her husband, Scott. “We deeply appreciate the support and enthusiasm of the community.”

In addition to local businessmen and LH coaches, several members of the Wildcat golf team hit the links to show the old geezers how it’s done.

“I learned to play golf from my father, but he taught himself to play,” said rising senior Michael Bonahoom with admiration. Michael was joined by his dad, Kevin, tournament co-chair Kevin Beasley and his son, Braden. “The best thing about this tournament is the whole community getting together.”

Winners, shooting a 55 and winning the tie-breaker, were Preston Dickson and Preston Dickson, Jr. Also with a 55 were Quentin Kliethermes, Nathan Johannes, Mark Moore and Scott Swan from Blum Engineering. Brian Jones, Craig Walling, Bruce Johnson and David Johnson were third.

Earning the title of DAL (Dead @$$ Last) for the second year were Kelly Crawford, Barry Buchanan, Hunt Fugate and Chris Klemme. Kip Morgan was closest to the pin and Jack Dodgen had the longest drive.

You can see my photo slideshow of the day here.