Perhaps we can add Hypnotic Donuts to the flight of food trucks parking around the city. Maybe they’ll even be ready for the summer Lake Highlands food-truck rally.

According to posts on the Hypnotic Donuts Facebook page, the operators of the White Rock area crazy-donut cafe are taking the steps to launch a mobile operation.

Monday, they posted that they were “off to meet with Dallas City Council to discuss food truck rules and regs”.

Later, they followed up with “Meeting went great. City officials were very open minded and just want to ensure our version of a ‘food truck’ was safe for the consumer. Received our list of to-do’s and they are all reasonable. Now just to find ‘the truck’ – ha.”

More than 70 people “like” the idea so far.

Also of note on the Hypnotic social media pages, they will open late this Friday, starting at 5:25 p.m. and closing to be determined. Dessert!

Owner James St. Peter tells us he’s just “exploring the idea” right now and that his Garland Road store is there to stay.

Hypnotic Donuts is located at 9007 Garland Road.