Tonight at 6 p.m., Dallas Park Board member Gerry Worrall hosts a meeting at Winfrey Point to address the recent parking vs. park dust-up, of course, as well as other improvements to White Rock Lake. One of the focal points of the meeting is the White Rock Dog Park, and thanks to dog park events chairman Stephen Foster, we have a sneak peek at what the city has planned.

Mess and mud will be reduced in the areas marked with “improved surface” (click on the rendering for a larger view), which will soon be artificial turf. A dog bath outside the gates and new restroom facilities also will improve the park’s sanitation, Foster says.

What is now a waterfront with jagged rocks will be replaced with safe, sloping stairs — a “dog launch” on the first rendering, which is depicted in detail in the second.

To address the problem of parking, the gravel lot will be transformed to concrete.

The total cost of the project is $1.2 million. City of Dallas bond funds are providing $800,000, and the rest comes from donations.

The purpose of the renovation is to make the park cleaner, safer and more accessible, Foster says.