There are lots of different scholarships at lots of different colleges, but UT selects 14 students to have the whole kit-and-kaboodle paid for. The Forty Acres Scholarship was new last year, and Lake Highlands’ own Rachel Larson is a proud 2012 recipient, just announced by the Texas Exes.

In addition to tuition and fees, the scholarship package includes books, living expenses and priority housing in honors residence halls. She’ll also be covered for study abroad, internships and public service experiences.

International travel won’t be new for Rachel. She and her family moved to Lima, Peru for five years while her dad worked on a pipeline project for Hunt Oil. She attended the International Christian School of Lima before she came to LHHS with her twin sister. Erin, also headed to UT, received an Exchange Club scholarship last week and will collect her LH Women’s League scholarship May 18.

Rachel plans to study architecture as part of the Plan II honors program. Congratulations Rachel and Erin!