I’m loving the new movement, for lack of a better word, in which churches are getting out of their buildings and serving their neighbors. Lake Highlands United Methodist Church did this recently, and this coming Sunday, Lake Highlands Presbyterian Church will close its sanctuary and “be immersed in service to those in need of assistance, honoring our civil servants and displaying random acts of kindness,” says Cris Emrich, a congregant at LH Presbyterian.

They are calling it “Mission Possible,” and Emrich says the idea “has been percolating in the head of the pastor for a few years, having heard about other churches reaching out into their communities as acts of worshiping God.

“So often our Sunday time is separate from the ‘rest of life.’ Mission Possible seeks to draw our commitment to God closer together with our life of action. The day has a dual purpose: to serve our community and to give members and friends the opportunity to experience the joy of hands-on giving. We have structured the day so that persons of all ages and stages in life can have the chance to do something within their interest and ability.”

Mission Possible takes place from 9 a.m.-noon this Sunday, May 6. My guess is that anyone who shows up will be given a job to do. A picnic lunch will follow the morning’s activities.