… so no more throwing stuff at cyclists when you are in Plano.

The Dallas suburb last week passed a law that could make streets safer for cyclists.

This caught my attention because here at the Advocate we have been working on a story about bicycle safety, commuting and the future of cycling in Dallas.

Look for it in the March issue, which should hit your doors late this week or early next (and the web on Friday).

Essentially, the bike plan could make things better for cyclists, but because of financial limitations, the plan might not come to fruition for years. Until then, we are told, we need to learn the rules and exercise common sense in order to keep everyone on the road safe.

Plano has taken things a step further, enacting the safe-passing law which requires drivers to stay at least three feet away from cyclists while passing in cars or six feet when driving a truck and forbids motorists from making a right turn in front of a cyclist without leaving a safe distance between them and from throwing objects at cyclists. So, yeah, it is no longer OK to throw objects at cyclists in Plano. Is it OK anywhere? (Don’t answer that. Based on road rage-fueled comments received while researching the cycling story, I really don’t want to know everyone’s thoughts on that.)

Denton and Fort Worth have already enacted a similar safety ordinance. Dallas? Not yet.