A hot new recording artist debuted a music video this week that’s getting lots of play, and, if you look closely, you might see Lake Highlands in the background.

Recording and mixing all the sound on “A Million Years” is Lake Highlands High School 2006 grad Dan Stringer. Dan grew up going to Park Cities Baptist Church with the talented singer/musician in the video, Johnny Stimson, and they maintained their friendship despite being at different high schools then colleges. (Stimson graduated from Highland Park High). That’s Jillian Edwards adding vocals, also quite talented. She graduated from Berkner in Richardson.

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Dan studied sound recording and mixing at SUNY Purchase in New York, graduating in three years and working with popular artists like Talib Kweli, Chester French, Travis Barker, Pharrell Williams and Pusha T. (yeah, they’re all on my iPod). His song “Litost” by The Ambassadors was recently featured on the hit TV show One Tree Hill.

The house that the couple enters toward the end of the video is one that LH resident and homebuilder Mark Dann is building at 9805 Larchcrest in Lake Highlands. (Yes, Mark reports, it IS for sale and has come a long way in construction since the filming over Christmas break.) Dan recruited his sister McCallan’s boyfriend, Nathaniel Brown, to direct and create the video, and Nate enlisted his own sister, Abbey, to play the blond girlfriend.

You can watch the video here and download the song to iTunes here.