Lake Highlands’ Cheryl Ammeter, author of Ivey and the Airship, will sign books Saturday from noon to 2 p.m. at Total Attraction Beauty Salon at Plano and Walnut Hill.

Ammeter writes young adult and science fiction. Ivey is the “story of a spirited girl (think Scarlett O’Hara with an airship) who must learn that healthy relationships can be achieved when respect and trust are both given and received.”

Explains the author, “I started to work on this project as a screenplay five years ago, but knowing how expensive my film budget would be, I opted to write the story as a novel first and let nature take its course. It didn’t take long for the plot to outgrow a single book, so Ivey and the Airship became book one of Aether’s Edge—a five book series—unless my imagination runs over again!”

You can buy Ammeter’s newest book at My Office in Lake Highlands at Walnut and Audelia.