Lake Highlands apartment owners have invented a system that will help responsible apartment-property owners more easily and efficiently screen prospective residents.

The Rent Rite Directory, created by Lake Highlands’s Madeline Apartment owners Joe Killinger and George Pino is a comprehensive database that offers free incident reports designed to alert landlords to write-offs, criminal activity, skips (people who take the First Month Free and then bail) and proxy renters (those who sign leases on behalf of tenants that would not otherwise be qualified to rent due to criminal history) and a moderately priced tenant screening service (includes credit and criminal history reports). The directory first was launched in 2010; the developers have made significant improvements since. Killinger says it’s a win for both property owners and the community.

“We understand that peaceful communities drive business for residential and commercial property owners and our tools certainly help create those communities with an impact that is reflected in the fiscal bottom line” said The RRD’s Joe Killinger. “The Rent Rite Directory is committed to improving the communities we serve, which is why our incident reporting database will always remain free, while we maintain competitive and affordable rates for our tenant screening service.”