When Katharine Bain commits to helping a friend and trying something new, she goes all out. This Saturday, the former student at LH’s Highlander School will rappel 15 stores down the InterContinental Dallas Hotel as part of Over the Edge, a fundraiser for Special Olympics. She’s now a sophomore at OU, supporting the brother of her Chi Omega sorority sister, Whitney Pence.

“Fifteen stories seems a little daunting,” Katharine admitted, “but I am so excited to get to be a part of this event because it is for such a wonderful cause.”

Over the Edge promises to raise dollars (and heart rates) as fearless mountain climbing veterans are joined by newcomers like Katharine. The fun begins at 9am Saturday morning and lasts all day as each brave soul, who raised $1,000 or more to participate, takes the rope and goes over the edge.

You can donate to Katharine’s total here. (In the photo, Katharine (left) with LH’s Kristen Gavigan.)