A quick note about fundraising for Andrew Green’s funeral. Green was killed in a hit and run last weekend. (In the interest of getting this posted quickly, the following is straight/unedited from the emails we have received.)

We are very close with community donations to cover the cost of Andrew’s funeral ~ $1800 short as 12:00 today. The funeral home needs to be paid in the morning…if you haven’t donated yet and intend to, if at all possible please make your donation this afternoon. The quickest and easiest way is through The Family Shadetree (www.thefamilyshadetree.org). The Family Shadetree will actually be cutting the check directly to the funeral home. All donations through The Family Shadetree are tax deductible and will directly benefit The Green Family. Anything over the cost of the funeral will be used to assist The Green Family with other ongoing expenses such as rent, lost wages, gas, groceries, etc. Thank you for stepping as a community to help The Green Family, the community’s generousity has been overwhelming and I know the Green family are extremely grateful.

Krista Curnutt


PS – Please pass on to others who may be able to help.  Thank you.
Also, a note about the funeral …
Finally have details for the reception following the funeral service at the building.  The service will begin at 1:00 pm – NOTE this is a change in time from what’s been previously published.  Also, please understand the service will be lengthy!  There will be short window from the ending of the funeral service until the family has to leave for the graveside.  The family would like for the reception to be available immediately following the funeral service and continuing on for those not leaving to attend the graveside. 
Please take a look at the following signup and signup to bring any of the listed items.