Earlier in the week we reported that East Dallas Times blogger Bruce Felps was in a coma. His sister yesterday delivered the sad news that he had died.

I didn’t know Bruce personally, but several years ago when he left his post as East Dallas/Lake Highlands reporter at People Newspapers, I took his place. That’s when I started covering the neighborhoods I still cover here at the Advocate.

When I started there, I received all of his emails and had a ton of archived emails of his from which I drew endless information about what was important to readers in our neighborhoods. Even in his email correspondences, Bruce’s dry humor and understanding of our community shined, as it did in his daily blogging for the East Dallas Times, his final venture in neighborhood journalism.

The most thorough obit I can find is on the Dallas Morning News blog, from Nancy Visser.

All of us at the Advocate have the Felps family in our thoughts.