DSC0019 flat State Fair fare: Chicago Hot Dog

Do you like hot dogs? We do.

The State Fair of Texas — in all of its deep fried glory — begins in a few days.  In case you have a hankering to indulge those guilty fair food desires early, check out our roundup of fair fare including dogs from Eddie’s Deli and guilty gastronomic pleasures from Jakes, Henderson Chicken and Varsity Grill.

Gabriela Kovacic tells Pegasus News that she is selling Cafe Lago, the White Rock area joint with the cool patio, a convenient kids menu and even a pet menu. According to an email correspondence, she is looking for a buyer to take over the lease.

The new Liquid Zoo pub at Skillman and Abrams, across the street from Jakes, is a hot spot for game watching — it has been packed during college and NFL game times since  it opened a couple weeks ago, and the parking — unlike, say, your typical Greenville Ave or Addison sports bar — is plentiful and painless. Hmm — seems there’s a game tonight, if I remember correctly.