Lake Highlands High School 2010 graduate Rahiel Alemu has been named 2011 Intern of the Year by ExxonMobil. Rahiel is back now studying math and civic engagement at Duke University, but over the summer she interned at Rainbow Days, which provides aid and life-skills education to youth and families at risk. Rahiel coordinated a day camp and organized back-to-school activities for children and their families.

Rahiel was one of 60 outstanding college students selected for the ExxonMobil Community Summer Jobs Program, and those 60 fanned out across Dallas for 8-week paid internships, working with a variety of nonprofit agencies. The Volunteer Center of North Texas administered the program and multiplied the interns’¬†efforts, lending additional manpower and support.

Congratulations Rahiel for making a difference during your first summer home from college and being recognized for outstanding achievement!