For those who are dying to have a Trader Joe’s in the area, this could be good news.

A story in the September Lake Highlands Advocate explores the state of retail development in our fair neighborhood.

Some Lake Highlands residents put vast amounts of energy (and probably some money for signage and such) into landing a Trader Joe’s at Lake Highlands Town Center — campaigning, setting up Facebook pages and organizing petition-signing events — but a spokesperson basically told our reporter Meghan Riney that all the wooing, rallying and Facebook ‘liking’ in the world won’t affect Trader Joe’s decisions.

Some reliable real estate experts speculated a while ago to reporter Keri Mitchell that Trader Joe’s would most certainly begin its Dallas occupation in Preston Hollow.

Deep-throat Trader Joe’s informants reportedly told Teresa Gubbins of Pegasus News that a Preston Hollow location is a “done deal”. They also told her that a rumored Greenville Avenue location ain’t going to happen (which our Jeff Siegel has actually reported time and again), and they confirmed that no LHTC locations are planned (which the spokesperson also told us on record).

However, if said sources are accurate, Lake Highlands could actually be in luck — the location they are naming is just across the expressway from Lake Highlands, at Walnut Hill west of Central.

Heck, it might as well be in Lake Highlands for those of us in the farther-west regions of the neighborhood.

So if you want a Trader Joe’s nearby (mind you, not everyone thinks they are all that great) this, if it is true (I would wager that it is), is good news.