St. Patrick student Courtney Roberts undoubtedly has the right stuff.

There are those people in life who have it so together, who are so successful and who seem to have boundless energy to do incredible things … it’s hard to not hate them sometimes.

This Lake Highlands resident is like that, except — because she is so sweet and so only-10-years-old — you can’t help but utterly adore her and root for her to reach the great heights for which she is seemingly destined.

This little genius is Courtney Roberts, the St. Patrick student who graced our cover a few months ago in a story about young entrepreneurs. At 9 years old, she wrote a book and soon launched a company that also gives in spades to charities.

Now, Courtney is apparently on the fast track to becoming an astronaut. Over the summer, she won the “Right Stuff” award at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center space camp, which, according to a spokesperson, is “the camp’s highest and most coveted award … named for Tom Wolfe’s 1979 book The Right Stuff, (it) is given to an outstanding trainee who goes above and beyond in leadership, teamwork, and technology.”

Explains the publicist, “Courtney was part of a program specifically designed for trainees who have a particular interest in space and aviation. She spent the week training with a team that flew a simulated Space Shuttle mission to the International Space Station (ISS). Once aboard the ISS, the crew participated in experiments and successfully completed an extra-vehicular activity (EVA), or space walk. Courtney and crew returned to Earth in time to hear retired Space Shuttle astronaut Robert “Hoot” Gibson speak at their graduation. Courtney said her favorite activity in the camp was the Multi-Axis Trainer, a trainer designed to prepare early astronauts for a tumble spin. Her future plans are to become a fighter pilot.”

Godspeed, young Courtney.