Performance ratings have been released for Texas schools, and Richardson ISD campuses took a big hit. Twenty-two schools dropped from Exemplary, the top rating, to Recognized and five schools dropped from Recognized to Academically Acceptable. Of the 5 meeting only Acceptable levels, 4 are in Lake Highlands.

Lake Highlands High, LH’s Freshman Center, Forest Meadow Junior High and Forest Lane Academy are now designated Acceptable, whereas RISD had no schools falling in this mid-range category in 2010. LHHS is back to Acceptable for the first time since 2008.

The harsher ratings are being felt all over Texas, as a controversial performance calculation which had artificially boosted scores for the past two years has now been axed. The Texas Projection Measure permitted schools to count students as passing TAKS even if they failed it – provided they “projected” the child would pass in the future. The standards for each achievement category were also raised, and more scores for special education students are now included.

Even with the tougher ratings, RISD retained its district-wide Recognized designation.

Beginning in 2013, we’ll have a chance to relearn the system once again as Texas replaces TAKS with STAAR – State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness. The new test is expected to be more difficult, but teachers say they’re ready. You can view the new ranking for your child’s RISD school here.