Exchange Club President Bryan McCrory, D’lane Maselunas and Exchange Club Vice-President Robert Sullivan

D’lane Maselunas who recently founded a Lake Highlands-based travel agency spoke to the Lake Highlands Exchange Club Friday, offering tips on how to save travel dollars by using an agent.

In case you missed it, according to Maselunas, travelers often believe they can gather all of the information they need in order to successfully plan a trip with a few Google searches. While the websites that come up can provide useful information, there is often important inside scoop that these websites do not provide, she says, and that is where a good travel agent can come in.

Maselunas gave an example of a client who wanted to book a certain hotel in Hawaii for a family vacation only to find that the pool at the hotel was closed for renovations. Boo.

The D’lane Maseunas Travel website appears to be under construction, but you can follow her on Facebook or Twitter for the latest.