Whether you’re a longtime Wildcat football season ticket holder (like me) or a newbie to the neighborhood, The Boneyard is the place to be on crisp fall nights in Lake Highlands.

If you meant to mail in your renewal packet, you missed that deadline, but it isn’t too late. Season ticket holders may walk up to renew their current seats August 2 in the LHHS library between 8am and 1pm.

If you’d like to improve your lie, season ticket holders can go in August 3 from 8-1 to see what tickets were relinquished. It’s a one-for-one exchange (you can’t buy more seats yet) but you may happen upon primo seats on the 50-yard-line, or a spot with a great view of the Highlandettes or the freshmen in the grandstands – whatever interests you most (freshman moms are ever-vigilant).

The big day will be August 4, when all of LH can buy new season tickets. Expect a line when sales open at 8 am, but this is a well-oiled machine and things move quickly. You’ll choose your seats from a big board showing what’s available, what’s taken and who sits where (warning: Beth Hanks rings a loud cowbell and Sandra Zorn yells and cheers. Sit near them at your own peril.)

By August 5, remaining tickets will be sold in the LHHS library, again from 8-1. If you have questions, you can email Becky Ford here.