Mariano Martinez and his frozen margarita machine

Longtime Dallas restauranteur Mariano Martinez, of Mariano’s and LaHacienda Ranch fame, is tentatively scheduled to be featured on the ABC News Nightline television show tonight. The piece tells the story of Martinez as an example of American entrepeneurship.

Martinez grew up in the East Dallas area and attended Woodrow Wilson High School, and he has been involved in the Lake Highlands community since opening his restaurant at Skillman and Abrams across from the Super Target.

We wrote about Martinez a couple of years ago, and he talked about his start in business, how he ended up in the neighborhood and, of course, the restaurant he once ran in Old Town Shopping Center on Greenville at Lovers.

Having just finished watching the president’s news conference on the federal budget deficit, there’s certainly a chance Nightline could bump the Martinez piece until another day. If that happens, you can check the restaurant website to find out when it has been rescheduled.