They aren’t built yet, but the upscale apartment homes that Prescott Realty plans to begin constructing late this summer at the Lake Highlands Town Center got me thinking. How might LH change when moving vans begin backing up and new neighbors begin moving in? Are you ready for some Yuppies?

For years, the neglected apartments in our midst have been decried as crime-ridden menaces threatening our schools and our property values. Can we learn to see apartments in a new light?

The young urban professionals likely to be the target market for this chic, urban village, transit-centered living are liable to have significant disposable income and an inclination to spend their earnings on dining out, upscale retail and personal services of the type Prescott is looking to land as tenants. Hopefully, their spending will carry over into the other shopping centers and businesses around LH, though some may not have a car, having opted to live on the DART line.

On the other hand, maybe the new apartments will fill up with retirees ready to walk downstairs to dinner then stroll the hike & bike trail to White Rock Lake. Or maybe it will attract new empty nesters, ready to jettison the tiresome tasks of cleaning big houses, mowing lawns and skimming pools. Either way, there may be a ceasefire in the Lake Highlands Homeowners versus Apartments War.