There’ll be a wealth of locals entertaining in Lake Highlands Saturday night, so you can take your pick or make the rounds.

“Four on the Floor” features a few members of Wes Niles and the Texas Skeeters, including Fielder Nelms, Jeff Jones, Glen and Mike (Fielder insists the latter are known only by their first names, ala Bono) and hints at appearances by “other assorted groupies and hangers on.” They’ll be playing unplugged acoustic sounds, including old and new country, and a few Skeeter favorites.

Four on the Floor performs on the Enchilada’s patio beginning at 7:30 pm.

Down the road at Glen Lakes Grill, Lyndsey Jones will compete against her dad, singing her soulful heart out and playing piano from 7-9 pm. Lucky us – we’ve got the best of both worlds.