Back: Caleb McCoy, Ben Wolf, Katie North, Sarah Pickett, Ethan Lewis, Front: Libby Seeley, Becca Ziehm, Alexandra Clift, Emily Hillman, LeeAnn Flinn, Emily Graham, Kevin Kdukwe.

The Lake Highlands Exchange Club throws parties, hosts fundraisers, invites speakers and a does a thousand other great things in LH, but ask any of its members and they all agree. Their favorite Exchange Club event is the annual scholarship awards breakfast, held last Friday at the Highland Oaks Church of Christ in Lake Highlands. This year, 46 graduating Wildcats received $109,500 in scholarships to colleges all over the U.S., and Exchange Club members beamed with pride as if the children were their own.

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“Being a part of a student’s future success is one of the goals of the Exchange Club,” said Tommy Bailey, president of the service organization.  “Over the past fourteen years, the Exchange Club of Lake Highlands has presented over $1.2 million in scholarships to deserving students. Our membership is honored to present these awards and wish to thank all the memorial and special scholarship families for their tremendous and ongoing generosity towards Lake Highlands.”

Recipients of the Academic Scholarships were:

  • Alexandra Clift
  • Emily Hillman
  • Ethan Lewis
  • Caleb McCoy
  • Christmas Myers
  • Katie North
  • Sarah Pickett
  • Libby Seeley
  • Ben Wolf
  • Alexandra Ziehm

The Dr. Bob Iden Scholarship went to:

  • Said Navarro

Receiving the Bob Potts Family Working Students Scholarships were:

  • Quaneshia Cooper
  • Divinity Dixon
  • Desiree Fields
  • Chloe Hight
  • Constance Ibe
  • Alejandra Ortega
  • Bridgett Smith

The Data Jo Potts Memorial Scholarships were presented to:

  • Angie Alvarez
  • Brian Dupree
  • Ebone Green
  • Fanta Kaba
  • Aly Pineda
  • Luz Reyes
  • Tierra Scott

The Melinda Ann Lee Memorial Scholarship was given to:

  • Reid Zambardino

The Neal Smith Memorial Scholarship was awarded to:

  • Deborah Andrews

The Jeff Kane Memorial Scholarship went to:

  • Decheil Cooper

The Herb and Frances Walne Memorial Scholarship was presented to:

  • Tuan Iang

The Robbie Daniel Memorial Scholarship was awarded to:

  • Drew Donica

The Jason Oglesby Memorial Scholarship was given to:

  • Molly Noah
  • Sarey Palma
  • Jacqueline Williams

The Luck Foundation and David Tice awarded scholarships to:

  • Jeff Claybrook
  • Savannah Flusche
  • Mindy George
  • Kevin Ndukwe
  • Guadalupe Renteria
  • Maria Sandoval
  • Ryan Spencer
  • Tre Stewart
  • Eyobe Tamene
  • Myisha Wells

Board of Directors Scholarships were earned by:

  • LeeAnn Flinn
  • Emily Graham
  • Kevin Ndukwe
  • Rebecca Ziehm

Congratulations to the deserving scholarship recipients, and kudos to Exchange Club members for the countless ways you make Lake Highlands a wonderful place to live.

Back: Said Navarro, Sarey Palma, Reid Zambardino, Drew Donica. Front: Molly Noah, Jacqueline Williams, Tuan Iang, Decheil Cooper, Deborah Andrews.

Back: Ryan Spencer, Jeff Claybrook, Eyobe Tamene, Tre Stewart. Front: Maria Sandoval, Myisha Wells, Mindy George, Kevin Ndukwe, Guadalupe Renteria, Savannah Flusche.

Constance Ibe, Quaneshia Cooper, Desiree Fields, Angie Alvarez, Brian Dupree, Ebone Green, Tierra Scott, Chloe Hight, Fanta Kaba, Bridgett Smith, Aly Pineda.