Catch LHHS 2005 grad Kathleen Blakeney at the Pocket Sandwich Theatre.

If you’re looking for something a little different to do this weekend, check out the Pocket Sandwich Theatre production of Sherlock Holmes versus Godzilla, featuring Lake Highlands High School graduate Kathleen Blakeney.

Kathleen plays a Shebot in the off-beat, late-night spoof known to Pocket’s loyal band of followers as a “popcorn-thrower,” an audience-in-on-the-silliness comedy pitting good against evil. Here, you’re invited to toss popcorn at the villains, cheer for the good guys and befriend fellow audience members seated around you.

While a Wildcat, Kathleen sang in A Cappella choir and acted in the LHHS productions of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Guys and Dolls. She jokes that she won’t be offended if her LH friends and neighbors boo and hiss her as a mind-bending Shebot, but beware – the hypnotic Shebot Doughnut Dance is powerful stuff. You’ve been warned.

Pocket Sandwich Theatre is located at 5400 East Mockingbird at Central. You can call them for tickets at 214-821-1860 and/or go online here for more info here. The show runs this weekend and next, Friday and Saturday nights from 11:15-12:30. Get your popcorn ready.