"Will Rogers Follies" is one of many big shows for which 2004 LHHS grad Lee Terry has led the lighting design. He returns to Dallas regularly and helps light high school productions. Photo by Kris Mayeshiro.

Everybody knows LHHS regularly sends talented, destined-to-be superstars graduates into the world.

We’ve written time after time about grads in the spotlight, but proud parents Steve and Lu Terry, whose son is an up-and-coming artist and lighting designer on and off Broadway, points out that “for every star we see on stage or screen there is a legion of artists and technicians behind them giving them the support needed to shine.” Literally.

Lee Terry, a 2004 graduate, has an impressive resume that includes lighting for the Tony award winning composer Tom Kitt, the stand-up comedian Mario Cantone, and “Cedar City Falls”, an eight-episode play series written primarily by the Emmy Award winning writing team of “Sex and the City”. Lee also made his Off-Broadway debut as a designer last July with “The Shoemaker” and is designing yet another Off-Broadway show, which will open this June entitled “The Eyes of Babylon”.

The Terrys say “Babylon” is a must see for those visiting the Big Apple this summer.

“The play is a true story based on a Marine Corps soldier’s journals, beginning the morning of 9/11 and ending after his tour in Iraq and his return to society,” Lu Terry notes. “It is an intimate portrait of war and the triumph, which comes from identifying one’s convictions and then finding the strength to stay true to them.”

She tells us that son, Lee, returns to Lake Highlands frequently and designs the lighting for the annual Lake Highlands High School Espree Show.

After LHHS, Lee Terry graduated from UNLV and now he lives in NYC with his wife, Emilee and a dog named Boots.