Shaved ice is not for kids.

It’s liquid sugar. But I will take one for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. What is it that many parents resort to?

“Because I am an adult. That’s why.”

Am I a hypocrite? You bet I am. The Easter Bunny left plastic eggs filled with granola at our house yesterday. All while mommy dreams of her shaved ice indulgence (always with a quarter’s worth of extra syrup). I’m determined for my child to eat healthy foods, but I am allowed to eat like junk.

“Because I am an adult. That’s why.”    

(Insert sugary syrup craving here.)

When the heat rolled in, I rolled out for my first visit to TC’s. I went at 1p.m. to feed a craving for a medium peach shaved ice with extra syrup in a large cup, so it’s easier to eat while steering. The banner said open. They weren’t.

A disappointing start to the warm weather: TC’s Shaved Ice. My quam is that I’m pregnant, I want shaved ice right now, and you are open…but not open?

My second visit was that evening to get some answers.

Here is what I found out. The “OPEN” banner means open for the season. The neon “OPEN” sign in the window means they are open and serving shaved ice.

So one “OPEN” means open, but not right now. And two “OPEN”s means really open.

Confused? I was.

Their said hours (that are not posted) are from “around 12:30 p.m. – around 9:30 p.m. Sunday through Saturday”. I still got my shaved ice, and will obviously be visiting TC’s all throughout the spring and summer because the quality was not disappointing at all. But I am not happy about this rough start to the shaved ice season.

Now to decide if my child will be allowed to indulge as well.  The reason I long for my peach shaved ice stems from nostalgic memories of a special treat after Tuesday night gymnastics. As my dad treated me, I guess I will also treat my little one. Her favorite is grape, just like her Pops.

Shaved ice is for every age.

TC Shaved Ice
10999 Garland Rd
(214) 327-2421
Cash Only