As Election Day approaches, we continue our Advocate video podcast series on the Dallas mayoral race, talking with each of the major candidates about their platforms. Through the series, we aim shed light on the candidates’ leadership styles and tackle the big issues facing the city.

We already talked with District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky and former Chief of Police David Kunkle. Next up, publisher Rick Wamre and I sit down with former Park Board president and homeless czar Mike Rawlings.

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In Part 1, we discuss Rawling’s plan for DISD and why the mayor should devote time to a system that functions independently of the city. We ask about the reality of school funding and how that plays into his plan (3:34). And, we talk about the importance of PR when it comes to growing DISD, which tends to carry a negative reputation in most neighborhoods (5:10). Next, we discuss how education fits in with other major issues facing the city (6:24). And finally, Rawlings’ two children attended private schools — what’s with that (8:54)?

Check back Thursday for the next installment of the podcast, focusing on how Rawlings plans to bring more businesses to Dallas and create jobs.

Election Day is May 14, and early voting begins May 2.