Atomic Pie, a pizza place that will also serve White Castle-style slider burgers, salads and wings, to name a few, will open next week in the southeast corner of Walnut Hill and Audelia, next to Cross Fit Lake Highlands.

Chris Schwab, one of three owners says we should know an exact opening day within the week. Schwab, a former Campisi’s staffer is partnering with Tim Cole, a former general manager at Campisi’s and Craig Allen to open the restaurant that will have an American rather than Italian feel and which, he says, will be very reasonably priced.

The thin-crust pizza will ring familiar with Campisi’s customers, but the eatery won’t resemble the East Dallas staple in too many ways.

“We are definitely going a different direction with some of the food,” Schwab says.

The decor will be nostalgic, with an “atomic era” feel (see “take cover” image on their web site).

He says he’s excited to be opening in the Lake Highlands area in an area where the people “seem to have been waiting for this kind of thing.”