I was out of town last week and I had nada new to say to you about neighborhood restaurants today (well, I do have a review of a little Lake Highlands-area gem called Cuzco, but you can read that Thursday when we put the April magazine online).

But fortunately I happened upon a valuable food-related tip for us Lake Highlanders in last week’s Observer: Jose Ralat Maldonado, who covers mostly tacos for the Observer’s food blog, recently sampled the tacos at Flash Mart at Skillman and Abrams and loved them.

We’ve written about the Flash Mart’s signage here on Back Talk, but we only barely touched on the topic of its taqueria (and the impressive wine cooler selection), whereas Maldonado goes into much further detail, describing the tacos as “marvelous pieces of work, packed full of vim, playful textures and embraced with care by soft tortillas.” Read the rest of his review over here.