David Kunkle said in a Dallas Morning News interview last year that he would simply be too shy to serve in any kind of public office beyond police chief. We receive the mayoral candidate’s response to that and more in the next segment of the Advocate video podcast series.

In the series, we highlight the issues surrounding the race, talking with each of the major candidates in an unedited discussion, revealing how they might govern if elected.

Last week, we heard from District 12 councilman Ron Natinsky in a three-part discussion about how he would handle the budget crisis, grow the local economy and work with current lightening rods on the city council. In Monday’s post, David Kunkle offered his take on the budget and on Tuesday, we discussed some of the city’s big-ticket projects.

In Part 3 of the four-part podcast, Kunkle tells us what made him decide to run on Jan. 31 (:54) and addresses what type of role former mayor Laura Miller plays in the campaign, since her husband Steven Wolens is the campaign treasurer (5:09). Next, Kunkle openly discusses his social awkwardness and why that can be a good thing in a mayor (5:09). He goes on to debunk any rumors that it’s all part of his campaign (7:02).

Check back Thursday for the final segment with Kunkle. In the coming weeks, we’ll sit down with former park board president Mike Rawlings, who has quite a bit of money to spend in the race as evidenced by his two political ads he recently released.