Ashley Gomez, the Moss Haven Home Owners Association rep to LHAIA (Lake Highlands Area Improvement Association) attended the first meeting for the year, where the police chief for our Northeast Substation spoke about crime prevention in Lake Highlands.

Ashley reported in an e-mail to the neighborhood:  “The Dallas police have a new app called iWatchDallas for iPhones, Androids, Blackberry(s) and all other phones. I have an iPhone and downloaded the iwatchdallas app during the meeting. It took two seconds.”

If you have an immediate danger or emergency, call 911. But if you want to report a panhandler or suspicious activity in your neighborhood, the app allows you to give anonymous tips to the police.  The police chief said that you will not have to testify on your tip, and they said that they do follow up on these tips, and many have been helpful.

The app provides three options: 1) Send in a text;  2) send in a text with a picture; 3) send an anonymous tip.

If you don’t have a Droid or iPhone, you can use or text a tip by entering DPD plus your tip to 274637, or you can call 214-671-4TIP (4847).