They risked their lives so that my house-bound and hungry children could eat.

Last week when the roads were iced over (after the snow had piled high on the ice) and Papa Johns and Dominoes were both so backed up that they stopped taking orders, Primo Brothers Pizza saved the day at my house.

Kids were stuck at home, “starving”, and we had a house guest and I was trying to work and didn’t want to spend my afternoon trying to feed everyone — I called Brothers and they said it would take about an hour, but they would get the food to me. They added a few dollars to the normal delivery fee, but I didn’t blame them — it was a huge risk to be on the road. My two extra large pizzas — steamy, cheesy and just the right amount of greasy — and Brothers salad, a large bowl of lettuce, olives cheese and ham, arrived in about an hour, delivered by the restaurant’s owner.

An ex- large pizza at Brothers is $15.99 plus $1.99 per topping; the salad is $6.99. I normally opt for Tony’s, at Ferndale and Northwest, because they are a little cheaper, but for their performance on this icy snowy day, Brothers now holds a special place in my heart.

Find them at 9310 Forest, behind the CVS. 214.341.4414.