Catching up on all the fun while I was on my wine trip last week:

• Despicable is the only way to describe what happened to county elections administrator Bruce Sherbet. I have been writing about politics for 30 years, and I can count on the fingers of one hand the people who return phone calls. Sherbet was one of them. He was always honest, straightforward and upfront. Which is more than can be said, apparently, for new county judge Clay Jenkins.

• A regular visitor to the blog, who is a travel agent, says there are so many hotel rooms left in town, less than a week before the Super Bowl, that many hotels are offering their regular discounts to business travelers. She said this was quite surprising. And there appear to be plenty of airline seats left as well.

• Mayor Park Cities will run for the Senate — or so I have been told by someone who knows Leppert  well, thinks he has been an excellent mayor, and expects him to be an excellent senator if he is elected.