Because DART’s Lake Highlands Station was added to the blue line Monday morning, we invited Councilman Jerry Allen to be our special guest for this week’s podcast. Allen was on the DART board when the board decided that the Lake Highlands Station would be part of long-term plans for the rail.

Our discussion includes possibilities for parking expansion (right now, as you might recall, only 62 cars can park next to the station at a time), future trail access, and a little speculation about the Lake Highlands Town Center — the reason for which the DART station was added, as Allen tells us. Plus, neighborhood blogger Carol Toler took the DART rail from the Lake Highlands Station to various stops on the blue line, and gives us suggestions on the many places to visit without needing a car.

Stay tuned until the end for our shameless plugs, which include a reminder from Toler about a canned food drive this week.

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