Executive team members from Prescott Realty Group, developer of the Town Center, were present for the Lake Highlands Station celebration this morning, braving the 30- and 40-degree temperatures with everyone else. I showed up with my 16-month-old daughter in tow, and as I was trying to push her up the grassy hill toward the station, none other than Mark Henderson, Prescott’s retail managing director, grabbed the other end of the stroller to help me out.

I met Henderson nearly two years ago, right after the realities of the recession were changing the retail landscape. He talked at length with us about what that might mean for the Town Center, and told us at the time that Spouts Farmer’s Market was weeks away from signing a lease as the project’s anchor tenant. That’s still not out of the realm of possibility, but we’re now hearing that Tom Thumb is interested in the project.

When I asked Henderson this morning how things are going, he told me that “all of the pieces are in place; we just have to nail down the anchor tenant.” Henderson added that “we have some choices,” which I assumed was referring to the grocery store Prescott has been trying to secure for so long. He also said that this would be a “busy and important week” in terms of the grocer anchor, so we should “stay tuned.”