In the November Advocate, we told you about neighbor Erin Willis who hosts backyard dinners once a month at her Lake Highlands home. The mom/professional caterer, who someday hopes to open her own restaurant, also keeps a very entertaining blog, which I have frequently visited since a reader shared it with me a few months ago.

Willis is not one of these people who has started a promising blog but then fails to maintain regular interesting content—quite the contrary, in fact. She posts often and the content is both useful (including killer recipes such as, recently, white bean soup with escarole and homemade croutons, homemade meatballs, and insanely delicious-looking pizzas) and hilarious (including anecdotes about the trials of home- and dog ownership and motherhood).

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Speaking of food, if you love recipes, keep your eyes peeled for the December Advocate, which features favorite recipes from other culinary characters from our neighborhood.

It is so tasty!