The revamped Kroger serves up spicy tuna rolls.

The Kroger at Northwest and Plano, in Lake Highlands, bordering the Dixon-Branch neighborhoods, recently was revamped—it looks more like the fancy Kroger at Mockingbird-Greenville now, but not quite as big. The first thing I noticed following the redo, aside from the colorful flower section, is the cute little sushi bar staffed full-time (or at least every time I’ve been in) with sushi chefs. The Kroger sushi bar offers dumplings, kelp salad, edamame, cooked and raw fish sushi, but nothing overly adventurous. I picked up a spicy tuna roll ($4.99), a nigiri-style devil roll with salmon ($8.99) and a tempura fried shrimp New York crunch roll — the chefs prepared them fresh while I stood there — that gives me warm fuzzies about the food.

Here at Kroger, you’ll get good standard to-go sushi, minus the gooey rice and slimy fish you sometimes encounter with grocery store sushi. I placed the rolls on a nice platter, fried up some rice with an Asian-veggie medley and, bam, it was dinner. It’s not Kazy’s (nothing is), but it’s as good as the sushi found at Whole Foods, though the selection is not as plentiful.

By the way, the Kroger remodel also features an olive bar. It’s right behind the sushi station. Build your own olive or antipasti platter for $7.99 per pound. The other thing I’ve always loved about Kroger is its decent organic and vegetarian food selection, much of which can be found in the same spot it was before the remodel (the left-hand side of the store when you walk in, near the produce).

As soon as they stock the wine and beer, this place will have everything.