Cameras at a residence in a nearby neighborhood caught crooks breaking into a home, stealing electronics, instruments and TVs. From reading police reports regularly, I know this type of thing happens every day in our neighborhood and near us, but it’s shocking to watch the burglars going about their bad business in such calm and arrogant fashion.

The visuals really make one think about security, and it brings to mind a fascinating item our Far North Dallas editor Emily Toman posted a couple weeks ago, in which a reformed career burglar spills secrets of the trade. Trust me—It’s short and worth a read.

Like the burglars in the WFAA video, he did his work only between the hours of 8 a.m. and 11 a.m. He advised homeowners to have an alarm system and a dog. Both, preferably. A dog in the aforementioned story did not deter these guys at all.

By the by, if you recognize the men in the video, contact Dallas Police ASAP.