Lake Highlands (6-3, 5-1) vs. Richardson (7-2, 4-2) at The Boneyard

Lake Highlands sealed its playoff berth already.

It is already the top seed out of District 9-5A for Division 2 in the Region II playoffs.

So, with the final game of the season on its way, what is there left to play for?

“We have to get ready for a playoffs,” Desmond Roland, Lake Highlands running back said. “I have to get back healthy so I can go out there and lead this team. I know they want me out there, and I want to be out there with them.”

Wildcats head coach Scott Smith said his team would much rather go into the post-season on a winning note, “finishing the season the way we want to. And that’s with a win.”

It won’t be an easy task as Lake Highlands faces the Richardson Eagles Friday.

The Eagles are led by quarterback Torrence Carr who has thrown for 471 yards and two touchdowns this season. Carr is also second on the team in rushing with 845 yards, a 6.60 yards per carry average and 10 touchdowns on the season.

In the backfield with Carr is Jordan Booty who you all probably already know. Booty leads the team with 859 yards, 6.40 ypc and 10 touchdowns.

The thing is, you never know how this team is going to lineup. They like to lineup primarily in pro-formations, but they are not afraid to go into shotgun and any other offensive formation you like if it gives them a match-up advantage.

“I’ve seen them run out of one set one week and then a completely different set the next simply because thy see ways they can beat an opposing defense coming from a different package,” said Smith.

Receiver Avery Lewis leads the team in catches with 29 for 354 yards and a touchdown.

The Eagles give up a mere 14 points per game, including a shutout against Sunset, 16 points to Skyline and a sole touchdown to Berkner.

The Eagles offense also scores about 14 ppg so this could be one of the closest games the Wildcats play this season.

Since Demond Roland was out last week after three plays, I would anticipate him to take it easy again. I would expect him to suit up, go through warm-ups and let the coaching staff know how he feels. I wouldn’t expect a huge number of carries, but Roland does want to start getting a rhythm and feel for the game before the playoffs start.

Roland said he hasn’t been able to “kick it into that extra gear” that he usually has and he noticed it on a break-away against Skyline. But Smith said he was fine with Roland taking it easy for now.

So the weight may again be on the shoulders of DeVonte Sunwenghan who has proven he is more than capable of being the X-factor offensive threat on the team. However, he will need help from another receiver.

“Deondre Glover, Zach Fleig, Anthony Harris, Michael Wright and Derrick Anderson are all guys we expect to make adjustments and step up,” Smith said.

Key to the game: When Lake Highlands gets in the red-zone, they cannot allow sacks or penalties. They must be at their best when they are within striking distance. If this is going to be a hard game for points to come by, then execution is going to be the difference in the game.