The Victim: Andrew Miller

The Crime: Burglary
Date: Thursday, Sept. 9
Time: 2:20 p.m.
Location: 7000 block of Wakefield

It was a warm afternoon, not quite fall, but temperatures had begun to ease from the 100-degree days of August. Andrew Miller was out of town, and his home sat empty. Two men pulled up to the home, and got out quietly. They forced open a side door of the home, and began removing Miller’s belongings.

As they ransacked the place, carrying things outside, an alert neighbor made his way to the home to see what was going on. The five men dropped what they were carrying, jumped in the car, and peeled away. The Good Samaritan had done a great deed for his neighbor.

“He had seen them a few days before, driving around the neighborhood,” Miller says. “He saw them and came down pretty quickly, and scared them off.”

The burglars were able to make off with a few items, including some cameras and other electronics. But police reached the scene quickly, and saw the vehicle leaving the area. The car was stopped, and the suspects arrested. Miller’s property was returned, but his home was still a mess.

“It was the day after it rained, and they got mud all over the house,” he says. “The mud they tramped in was the worst thing. Thank goodness for that neighbor or there’s no telling what they would have done. I am really thankful for how things turned out.”

Despite how things turned out, Dallas Police Lt. Mackie D. Ham of the Northeast Patrol Division says if neighbors observe a burglary, they should not directly confront the suspects. “Instead, we ask that they call 911 and give the operator as much suspect information as possible. Of primary importance, we would always like to know the exact location, how many suspects, description and number of suspects, and any vehicle information that can be provided, especially the license tag if the citizen can get it. Additionally, if the witness can keep an eye on the suspects and stay on line with the 911 operator, this is always helpful.”

2: women entered The Children’s Place on Park Lane and attempted to steal merchandise

$182: worth of clothing they stuffed into their oversized purses while browsing through the store while the employee notified police

$182:worth of clothing officers recovered from the shoplifters before arresting them and escorting them to jail