No, there’s nothing officially happening at the Town Center in terms of commercial building or anchor announcements, but there’s a story in the DMN today about how the site’s infrastructure is built out and ready to go — and it looks great onsite, too. The Town Center is mentioned as part of a larger story about how timing, good and bad, can impact real estate developments.

Also mentioned is what has to be considered a Town Center competitor on some levels — Midtown Park along the east of Central Expressway along the DART line roughly between Meadow Road and Royal Oaks Country Club. That development is zoned for 3,800 apartment units, 90,000 square feet of retail and 930,000 square feet of office space. Having both of those properties, along with the now-foreclosed mixed-use development on the northwest corner of Walnut Hill Lane and Central now owned by Wells Fargo, gives developers an awful lot of choices if they’re thinking about building.

One note of interest: Prescott told the DMN it hopes to have an announcement about the Town Center “in the next 90 days”, which is more than they’ve said to us as we’ve periodically checked in. We’ve heard rumors that Prescott is working with a grocery anchor, but it’s the kind of deal size-wise that would probably require a portion of the master plan to be significantly adjusted. That may not bother too many in the neighborhood, but it could change the look and feel of the Town Center development.